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Wahoo! Finally one can BloomWherEver with the The Mojave Magnolia and the Wolf app and book. Both released in 2016, the next steps for the project are to complete App and Book 2 which feature the illustrations of Heather deViveiros and to revise the website. Look for the next app, book, and website in 2018.

The Mojave Magnolia and the Wolf to Launch March 11, 2016

After many years and myriad road blocks, it is finally happening! March 11, 2016 the Mojave Magnolia and the Wolf app will be for sale on iTunes and the book will be for sale on Amazon.

In the coming month we are rebuilding the Mojave Magnolia Website. The new site will include videos, lesson plans, and other assorted information. It will be going up right before the SXSW Interactive Festival begins.



mojave magnolia ❀ bloom wherever!

Mojave Magnolia announces a series of stories illustrating life lessons through interactive books and other media, digital and print.

Via fables and parables for the 21st Century, these illustrated stories explore issues of: beauty, emotions, enchantment; community, deep roots, relationships; and enlightenment, introspection, philosophy.


The first book in the planned series of twelve is a Buddhist-themed fable about a Magnolia Tree blooming in the Mojave and a disenchanted Lone-Wolf, who stumbles upon her while wandering through the desert. The books open-ended message being that love is transformative; though happily ever after is not guaranteed, the process of loving someone changes us and changes the world.

The hard copy edition of the book is 18 pages long. Each one-sentence page richly illustrated with the collage art of the artist Ellen Stader.  A website is in development which will include hard-copy and eBook lesson plans for K-12 teachers.

The interactive eBook, in English and Spanish, will offer a variety of age specific learning activities at

The story’s builder, author Christina Mason, and the eBooks’ architects, artists, composers, musicians, educators, filmmakers, performers and technicians collaborating on these books and materials bring immense passion and heart to this project. You will share their same artistic enthusiasm for the fable’s beauty and award-winning qualities.

Stay tuned for new posts as each book is readied for publication!

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mojave magnolia

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